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Granite : Finished Memorials

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Prepared Memorials (1) Granite Memorial Image

These memorials were special orders for one of our customers in the United States. As you can see on both memorials a very fine polishing technique has been used giving them a mirror-like quality.

Our granite memorial production line is extremely proficient because, for many countries, all our customers' orders are one-offs/specials and these are all incorporated into our daily manufacturing programme with ease.

We can produce almost any customised and complicated design of your own creation in a very wide range of colours and finishes in multiple sizes and shapes.

Prepared Memorials (2) Granite Memorials Image

In this open display area we have various styles of memorials mostly in Absolute Black granite awaiting inspection by customers. Before viewing these finished memorials an independent inspector (an inspector not employed by our company) may be contracted to check the quality & grade of these memorials.

If you have your own inspectors, whether resident within India or not, we shall arrange a mutually convenient schedule for their visit no matter what time of year they visit however the monsoon season is not the best of times, June-September, nevertheless we are here at a time convenient to yourselves.

German Memorial Granite Memorial Image

This German memorial is produced in Silk Blue granite & ready for inspection. This particular granite comes from our own quarry & is in very high demand with quarry production usually sold-out for many months in advance.

We do have several blue colours from which to choose including our exclusive Altamira granite, Bros Blue granite and Vizag Blue granite which is available in both light and dark shades.

German Memorials Granite Memorials Image

After inspection approval these memorials in Paradiso & Silk Blue granite, await packing before being loaded into a container & shipped to a German customer. Many of these designs are now becoming popular in many other countries & produced to their own regulations & specifications.

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