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Automatic Contour Machine Contour Machine Image

This machine is responsible for defining the shape of the memorial from the granite slab. This type of machine generally has two specifications. They can work in either a vertical mode as shown here for simple profiles, or horizontally for the more complex shapes to be produced.

If required it can also produce multiples of the same shape ensuring the conformity of the profile. We have several of these contour machines producing specialised memorials for different countries such as Australia, France, Germany, Holland, Moldova, New Zealand, Russia, UK, USA and many more.

Automatic Contour Polisher (1) Contour Polishing Machine Image

The automatic contour polishing machinery takes the freshly rough profiled granite monument and applies a deep and durable polish to the surface of the monument.

The polish is not a physical additive. It is produced by the abrasive action of varying grades of polishing "bricks" with the friction causing extreme heat on the surface of the granite. Therefore, the only way the polish can be removed is by refacing the stone.

Not all memorial purchasers require a polished finished. The local cemetery/churchyard regulations in some countries do not allow this therefore we also offer a non-glossy surface known as a honed finish. This finish can be made on any of our granites, not just black or grey.

Automatic Contour Polisher (2) Contour Polishing Machine Image

Here, in the close up image of the automatic contour polisher, we can see the machine polishing a memorial made from the granite type TJI Red. This granite type is very popular in the United States.

Whilst we have these automatic contour polishers we also still have many experienced personnel using hand-held tools for much more complex memorial designs.

Final Polishing Process Hand Polishing Machine Image

Once a completed memorial has been shaped and polished it receives a final mirror polish prior to being visually inspected and packed for despatch. This monument was destined for the U.S.A..

Outside Crane Area Memorial Stockyard Image

This is an excellent view showing our comprehensive handling systems for the memorial department.

This part of the factory is, in fact, our original production area from the 1970s but in those days there was no outside crane handling. On the left-hand side of the image were manual hand-polishing machines and on the right-hand side, inside the building, were secondary saws, hand profiling polishers and the packing area.

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