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Granite : Finished Memorials (2)

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German Style Memorials Granite Memorials Image

Popular memorials in Paradiso Classico, Absolute Black, Silk Blue, TJI Red and Violet Blue are ready for packing and exporting to Germany.

We were the first Indian company to successfully achieve volume production of German style memorials and still to this day we are one of their major suppliers thanks to our premium quality granites and fastidious inspection control.

For the German market we also produce many thousands of metres of kerbs and for the French market cover slabs and special memorial sets in many designs. Whatever you require we should be able to make it.

Rustic Hand Pitched Memorial Black Granite Memorial Image

A hand made, rustic pitched edge memorial made for the U.S.A. market in Classic Black granite. Note the deep mirror polish which will endure for many years.

We first started exporting memorials to the USA market in the early 1980s, these days our products are stocked by the most prominent US manufacturers and wholesalers all over the country. The expertise of our highly-skilled artisans have been creating temples for thousands of years and a UNESCO World Heritage Site Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu is a very important example.

Rustic Hand Pitched Memorials Granite Memorials Image

We were the first company in India to export memorial pieces with rustic hand pitched edge finish, initially these were solely for the traditional Scottish market but now we produce and export them to many countries worldwide.

This type of memorial, often with a honed finish face, is mostly very popular in cemeteries and churchyards where all polished black memorials are not allowed.

Special Granite Pieces Granite Balls Image

Solid granite balls in Paradiso, Absolute Black and Silk Blue that are part of a unique monument set.

Australian Memorials Australian Granite Memorial Image

A completed traditional memorial set supplied to one of our satisfied Australian customers. Australian memorials can vary widely in size, design and mix of colours most of which can be selected from our wide range of granites. As can be seen all Australian memorials are produced to personal order.

Shipments of Full Container Loads to Australia can be made on a regular basis to whichever port selected.

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