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General View Granite Factory Image

This is an ariel view of our main factory complex. The road to the left of this image shows the main Chennai - Bangalore Road. Since this photograph was taken, much of the land to the east of the factory (top of the photograph) has since been built on to further increase our production facilities.

Most of our production is concentrated on this complex however we do have a specialist memorial factory on a 15 acre site a couple of hours away which we created in the mid 1980s to further increase our production capacity and where we have further room for expanion if required.

Office Headquarters Office Block Image

This photograph shows our spacious, air conditioned Head Office. The grass in the foreground is a hardy type which is watered everyday to maintain its attractive green appearance.

All the usual functions of a thoroughly modern office are available here including a high-speed, wireless Internet connection with video surveillance throughout the entire factory complex.

We are proud to say that many of our loyal office staff have been with us many years including some from our very inception.

Reception Office Reception Image

This photograph shows our fully air conditioned reception and the column seen in the picture was made in our factory.

For those wishing to experience the true taste of traditional, home-made vegetarian South Indian cuisine ... it can be arranged for you! Generally it is hot to very hot but a local delicacy not to be missed has to be the very popular dosa. If you try nothing else during your visit then one of these has to be experienced.

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