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Primary Granite Production : Gangsaws

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Gangsaws Granite Gangsaw Image

These machines are the mainstay of worldwide granite slab production. They are huge, an average granite gangsaw will weigh upwards of 85 tonnes, capable of taking blocks 3300 x 4500 x 2100 mm, with 160 blades and overall dimensions of 17165 x 8340 x 6000 mm (56'+ x 28'+ x 19'+) and costing hundreds of thousands of Dollars...and that's without installation nor the factory building.

The gangsaws in this particular part of the complex are used for the production of construction slabs. The gang saws use water and an abrasive component to aid the steel blades cut through the dense granite. The water used here is later recycled in a separate section of the plant.

Granite Gangsaw Building Granite Tile Sawing Equipment

This is a picture of another one of our many gangsaw buildings. The machinery to the right of the factory (in yellow) is called a "Jib" Crane.

We use lots of different types of cranes for the safe handling of slabs:

2cm (3/4") thick granite weighs about 60kgs/m2 (12+lbs/sft) therefore an averaged size slab of 275 x 182 x 2 cm (9'0" x 6'0" x 3/4") would weigh about 300kgs (672 lbs) therefore a 3cm slab of the same dimensions 450kgs (1008 lbs).

Granite is heavy, if you are in doubt ask us.

Granite Circular Blade Block Saws In Production (1) Granite Tile Sawing Equipment

As you can see in this image, we have several block saws operating 24 hours a day. The blades on these saws vary in size but shown in the foreground of this image is a blade of 2 metres (over 6 feet) diameter.

It is possible to have very large blades, usually 3500mm (11'6") diameter is the most commonly used, however anything much larger and it can create problems with transporting them on the open road, they have to have special cradles made for them and to be moved on low-loader trucks to avoid overhead objects and especially bridges!

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