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Cutter Granite Slab Production : Circular Saws

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Granite Block Saw In Production (2) Granite Saw Image

Here we show a view of one of our larger blades cutting through a block of English Brown granite.

Within the trade these slabs are known as cutter slabs and the usual production width of slabs available is between 600-920 mm (24"-36"). These type of slabs are very popular for all kinds of products including paving and for the production of pre-fabricated granite countertops.

Not surprisingly this is the most common method of cutting granite blocks for the production of memorial slabs and the thicker slabs required since there is a relatively fixed processing cost much less than that of a gangsaw once above 40 mm.

Granite Block Saw In Production (3) Large Granite Saw Image

This picture shows one of our larger blades cutting through a granite material called English Teak Granite. Here you can see the water that is used to cool and lubricate the diamond tipped blade in action. Later this water is recycled - it is filtered several times to remove the used components, which is later replaced with a fresh mix to maintain an efficiency throughout the cutting system.

We only use water as the coolant for our blades however it has been known for some companies to use kerosene as medium for cutting. This is NOT to be recommended since granite is naturally porous and will absorb the kerosene and although the kerosene cannot be seen on the surface, the kerosene does remain within the granite and can create many different problems including dull patches appearing on the polished surface and when granite is used over traditional radiant heating systems, the kerosene will slowly evaporate out of the granite causing health hazards and unpleasant odours and this can persist for many years.

Soaking the granite in water does not get rid of this problem!

Gantry Crane Granite Tile Sawing Equipment

This view shows one of our gantry cranes that services our imported gang saws and can also be used for loading open top containers. This crane can also be used to remove closed containers from the back of a truck and place it on the ground. The container is then "stuffed" by fork truck.

On the far side of the crane can be seen another building housing four more Gaspari gangsaws and to the left of the crane part of our Pedrini tile factory which has been in operation since the mid 1980s.

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