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Granite Production : Rough Blocks

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Rough Black Block Granite Block Image

This picture shows the typical size of an average rough block. This particular block is ready for transportation out of the quarry. Many rough blocks are taken to the factory stock yard to be inspected to qualify both their size and the quality before shipping therefore customers need not travel to the quarries to select their requirements.

It is important to note that we have several selections of colour grades including Classic Black, Absolute Black and the most expensive, Premium Black, all these are from our own quarries in Warrangal, whereas Black Galaxy is from our own quarry in Ongole. There are many black granite quarries within India and ours are considered by many to be of the highest quality having been in operation since 1970.

Checking Block Measurements Measuring Image

All of our rough blocks are measured and the sizes are painted onto the side of blocks before being moved to the shipping yard. Each block has its own unique shipping mark denoting its weight and destination.

The vertical marks running around the bottom half of this block are drilling marks. During the extraction of this block, pneumatic drills were used to extract it away from the quarry rock face. We do not use explosives in our quarries since this could damage the blocks creating hairline cracks and fissures.

Block Inspection Inspecting Granite Image

At the factory stockyard the blocks are further inspected. In the background various rough block materials are still awaiting inspection. The code on the side of the block in the foreground denotes the shipping marks and destination of that particular block. This block was destined for Tokyo.

It is very common for some large block purchasers to have their own inspection teams resident in India and especially so in the Ongole region where Black Galaxy granite is in extremely high demand. Inspecting as such means that both the quarrymaster and the head inspector can immediately agree the quality and grading of the block thus reducing claims to an almost neglible level.

Blocks For Shipment Granite Blocks Image

The blocks here are all ready for shipment. As you can see, some of our blocks are extremely large, this block would be cut to a specific customer order. The block in the forefront of this image would be approximately 24 tonnes. Some granite block sizes are usually limited only by international transport shipping regulations and a port's ability to actually lift the block.

Many customers prefer to have their blocks shipped in individual 20'0" intermodal shipping containers whereas bulk purchasers often charter an entire vessel or ship break-bulk or general cargo. Blocks shipped in this manner are generally used as ballast in the bottom of the vessel.

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