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Granite Tiles

Available in a superb range of sizes with the following finishes:

High Gloss Polish Finish Granite

This is a reflective, mirror-like surface finish and is considered to be the best in regards to scratch and stain factors. This finish emphasises the colours and natural stone markings and veins.

Honed Finish Granite

A non-reflective, smooth, low sheen, matte finish. The production process is identical to creating a polished finish except for the final polishing stages offering a softer look however it does make the surface more susceptible to scratching and staining.

Leather Finish Granite Also Known As Satin Finish Granite

The granite surface is treated with wire rotary brushes making a smooth, slightly undulating, soft, suede-like finish. It is a low-maintenance finish however to control surface staining it should be treated with a good-quality stone sealer.

River-Washed Finish Granite Also Known As Antiqued Finish Granite

This process was developed in-house several years ago. The granite is first sandblasted and then treated with special abrasives to create a non-reflective, slightly textured but smooth surface which brings out the natural beauty and colour of the granite. This is a harder-wearing surface than either honed or leather finishes.

Flamed Finish Granite Also Known As Thermal Finish Granite

Quite literally the granite surface is treated with extreme heat either by an automatic or manual flaming machine. Owing to the necessary high temperatures required, we do not recommend a granite thickness of less than 20 mm. The granite surface created is a rough, deeply textured surface.

Brushed Finish Granite

Using coarse, rotary brushes, the flamed granite is then brushed removing some of the rough surface leaving a textured yet smooth, slightly rippled surface.

Granite Tiles Pricing

Our supplies are in Full Container Loads (FCLs) only, please advise the quantity and size you require (sizes can be mixed if required) and Contact Us

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