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Exquisite & Exotic Indian Granites

India, a country with a myriad of natural stone material colours includes a huge range of exquisite and exotic granites. Apart from the well-known and traditional granite colours, the past few years have seen a steady stream of new, medium to heavily-veined granites appearing on the international market. Many of these are processed in the granite hub around the Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ongole regions where we source and work rough blocks into random slabs for your own fabrication, cut-to-size (dimensioned) for your project, prefabricated granite worktops and vanities, plus granite tiles in a wide range of sizes and surface finishes.

Granite Slabs
Viscont White Exotic Granite Image

We have in excess of 120 different Indian granites displayed plus another 75 slabs shown as A-L and M-W. We have used the most common-known names and spellings, please ask us if you cannot find the granite you require.

Most of these are available in both First and Commercial quality varieties according to your budget requirements. Naturally both large gangsawn, and cutter sized slabs are available. The only difference between gangsawn and cutter slabs is that the actual cutter slab height is usually a maximum of 90-95 cms (35"-38"). The actual granite is the same, our 60-75 cms (24"-30") slabs in 2/3/4 cms are extremely popular for countertop producers.

Apart from the regular Indian granite colours, India is becoming as well-kown for its range of exotic, multicoloured granite varieties in white, red, blue, gold, pink and black colours. Exotic granite veining can vary hugely from one block to another therefore before packing and shipping we email/whatsapp actual slab images for approval.

Slab inspection is welcomed by yourselves or your appointed inspectors or we can arrange an independent service for you, this cost is usually about USD 250-300 depending upon time taken. Two inspection videos of Absolute Black & Black Galaxy granite slabs.

Granite Tiles
Image Of Granite Tiles

We have been producing calibrated tiles since the early 1980s in both a variety of sizes and granite colours in Premium and Commercial qualities, exporting to renowned major wholesalers and International project specifiers.

Standard sizes available are:

305 x 305 x 10 mm (12" x 12" x 3/8")
610 x 305 x 10 mm (24" x 12" x 3/8")
400 x 400 x 10 mm (15 3/4" x 15 3/4" x 3/8")
457 x 457 x 10/12 mm (18" x 18" x 3/8~1/2")
305/400/457 mm x Freelength for you to cut to length on site, usually no longer than 2000 mm (78")
600 x 600 is available however usually a minimum 15/18/20 mm thick to ensure material stability

Granite Worktops
Image Of Granite Countertops

What is the difference between a worktop and a countertop? Absolutely nothing, it is the same product, worktop is used mostly by UK English speaking countries and countertop by US English speaking countries, to complicate matters even further Australians often call them benchtops!

We originally started producing worktops in the 1980s for high-end project work especially for luxury hotels and the occasional apartment block. Consistent production of worktops for domestic use was popularised in the early 1990s as a "must have" upgrade or renovation with our various black granites leading the way ever since.

Granite worktops can be produced to your specifications in a variety of widths and lengths, both fixed or freelength, plus edges can be processed to almost any profile required however a straight flat edge with a pencil bevel, sometimes known as an eased edge, is easily the most popular.

Granite Rough Blocks
Image Of Granite Blocks

With five decades of experience in quarrying and more than 40 quarries under our direct control extracting the most popular granite colours across southern India, EE | Granite continues to be a pioneer in the extraction and successful promotion of Indian rough granite blocks to many processors and fabricators around the world.

For all types of projects we can offer the most suitable block sizes for the specified quantities. Our granite blocks, which maintain the highest of international standards, may be inspected either at the quarry head or in our own stockyard.

To learn and view even more about our quarrying activities we have a dedicated website and for the legendary Black Galaxy Granite which we introduced to the world some four decades ago.

Granite Memorials
Image Of Granite Memorial

Our exports began in the early 1970s to major UK wholesalers of traditional UK style memorials. Continuous investment in state-of-the-art machinery and in-house developed production progressed our capacity to include precision memorial slabs, rock pitched memorials, all polished memorial sets and kerbsets. As the 1980s progressed production steadily expanded with exports to Japan, U.S.A., Germany, Australia, Holland, and France. These days we exxport to about 25 countries on a regular basis also including Russia, Moldova, Polland, Korea and Australia.

As one of India's top memorial producers we have a dedicated memorials website here. Needless to say this represents only a small part of our production since most memorials we produce are still, to this day, to a specific customer-only requirement.

It is important to note that supplies are by the Full Container Load (FCL) only.

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