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Granite Production : Packed Granite Memorials Ready For Shipment

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Here is a section of our factory compound where memorials are prepared and packed ready for shipment before "stuffing" into the container. The destination of these were the United States.

Despite many industrial innovations of packaging materials we still find traditional wooden crates together with polystyrene and polythene sheeting to still be the best method available. It is a system the trade has used for many years and it provides all-round protection at reasonable cost.

If you know of a suitable and cost-effective product we could use as an alternative, please Contact Us with details.

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Memorials are packed in wooden crates. This is the traditional way to pack monuments. Each package has a unique code that facilitates stock control and is easily identifiable for Customs purposes.

Depending upon the size and thickness of the memorial will dictate how many memorials can be packed to a crated for standard production sets. Individual/special memorials are usually packed individually.

If you have a special packaging requirement please do not hesitate to advise your specifications so that we can assist you better.

Packed Memorials (3) Granite Crate Image

The memorials are also wrapped in polyethylene to separate the pieces during packing. They are shipped like this to prevent grit, or any other foreign body, getting between the memorials and potentially damaging their faces over a long haul.

We also use the same procedure for all pieces including kerbs, splays, plaques, crosses, cover slabs etc. since strong seaworthy packaging is an important element for a safe product transit and a satisfied customer.

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